Like us on Facebook

FFAN absolutely relies on a vast network of concerned individuals who, in  most cases, are able to help when needs are posted. It is imperative that our network continues to grow and expand into more areas around Tennessee. Joining our network is easy. Simply Like our Facebook page. When needs ae posed, you can support our platform by either donating the need, liking our post, or sharing with your own friend group.

Kroger Community Rewards

FFAN also participates in a couple different fundraising initiatives through other companies. Kroger has a program called Community Rewards that donates a portion of your grocery bill to a non-profit of your choice. Register your Kroger card on their website, then sign-up to participate in Community Rewards. At that point, you will be asked to select a non-profit to support. You can find us two ways: 1. Search for Foster Families Assistance Network, or 2. Type in the number DB126. That is the identifier issues by Kroger to FFAN in their system. This process takes about 5 minutes to complete and is 100% free to you.