The focus of FFAN in 2023 is Awareness + Involvement = Makes a difference.  When I started my foster care journey in 2014, I had no idea what I was getting into, what foster care was, or where fostering would lead me.  I believe that once a person becomes AWARE of what is going on with our children in care they must make a decision on whether to get involved or not.

INVOLVEMENT can come in many forms.  For me, I wanted my involvement to be in a role that would provide as much help to as many people as I possibly could.  My involvement means I am pushing for the fostering community every single day.  It has become my passion.  For others, involvement may not look like that.  Involvement can come in many forms...

Becoming a foster parent, wrapping up a family and supporting a family that does foster, supporting nonprofits that assist fostering parents, and many other ways.  Finally, every additional involved person, group, or business that supports foster children inevitably MAKES A DIFFERENCE.  There are over 475,000 kiddos in care in the country.  That number does not include various placements in "Kinship" care, aged out foster kiddos that never found a permanent home, or adopted kiddos who, I believe, are still greatly affected by their time in care.  Kiddos in care do not have the skill sets to handle what care is bringing to their door.  The idea of "It takes a village" is never more prevalent than for a kiddo in care.   Please CONTACT US for more information on how you, your group, or your business can get involved... we would love to hear from you!